Free Electricity

IF you have a small river or stream running through your property. Maybe we should add that to our wish list for country property.

From The Scotsman:

It is the first off-the-shelf water-wheel system that can generate a good supply of electricity from as little as an eight-inch water fall.

Mr Gilmartin, an electrician and inventor who was born near Cupar, Fife, was not prompted to think up his new device by high energy bills – he does not own a television and has never lived in a house with electricity.

But he has a stream at the back of his house, and with the help of his friend and PhD engineering student Bob Cattley, 58, he hopes to get the invention into the shops by the end of this year.

Did you note that he has never lived in a house with electricity? How does he use his computer? (Okay, that was facetious.)

Found at Mirabilis, a daily read.