The World

goes on even when I am not paying attention.

Martha died on Tuesday and I found out today. It’s 1 am on Thursday. That’s a while. I pray for Melissa and her family.

Louis was laid off today. I wasn’t able to talk to Angie. I don’t even think I prayed. I’ll do that now.

Sherry is pregnant, feeling sick, and all three of her kids have Dengue Fever. Plus they’re running from a labor strike, of all things. 30 people have been killed and all the missionaries have been evacuated. Twice. Yet there’s little in the news. Most is from the Missions Network News.

But things aren’t all bad.

Jenny’s started her own dance studio and has four classes that are totally full. I’m getting pictures of Eve in the mail soon. (I hope they’re new ones. I’ve seen the old ones at her old office.)

My family is all good. Which is a miracle right there. Miracle. Thank you, God.