Martha’s funeral is today. She’s gone home and is happy and pain free for the first time in years. But she leaves behind a husband and at least one son who think that they will never see her again. I know she’ll be joining the cloud of witnesses and, if we can impact the world we leave behind, be striving to bring those she loves closer to the light.

I made sandwiches for the funeral, twenty-eight of them. And I looked at her memorial card. She looks so young in the picture they chose and so much like her last remaining sister.

Her other sister died in October.

I am especially said for Melissa, the last of the three, and for her family who do not know that “…Through the lens of the Resurrection, life is not bounded by death — and thus we achieve our freedom in no longer being afraid of it. For while all of us will die one day, our understanding of death changes because of the Resurrection: death becomes little more than the closing of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another (Ignatius).”

No more July 6th celebrations of birthdays, except for Pres. Bush of course.

Hey, Martha! Tell Donna and Be I said hello. Andy, too, if you see him. My grandparents all.