I didn’t get picked for jury duty.

But it was still interesting.

The best thing about jury duty was that the presiding judge reminded us that what we were doing helped keep our government working and that it was only an inconvenience to us, while those who are in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing the same thing only way more.

The worst thing about jury duty was…
the hard seats, no cushions
the hour and a half drive in
the thirty minutes in a running car it took to get out of the parking garage
the fact that I didn’t get picked.

I think it was the fact that I didn’t get picked.

The plaintiff’s lawyer was very well spoken and made lots of attempts at humor. He said he was younger than all of us, though, and I was insulted. He didn’t look any younger than I am.

The defendant’s lawyer wasn’t as well spoken, but he was better looking. Does it work in trials like it does for president?

Who was right and who was wrong? I don’t know. But the trial will be over tomorrow evening.

I wanted to be on the jury.

My brother said they try not to pick educated people.

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  1. And gee, I got to serve on 2 trials. One federal and one local. It was very time consuming and the federal one ended in miss trial since we could not agree on a verdict. It is very interesting the amount of information that is allowed or disallowed. It really effects the outcome of the trial.

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