A fair and equal example

How hard is it to not eat nightshades? What if you’re not a big ketchup fan, love Fritos, and prefer sweet potatoes to baked spuds? Then you might think that giving up nightshades would be simple.

So what would be a fair and equal example for you of how hard it is to avoid them?

Take the five foods you eat every day, whatever those are and skip them. Then add the nightshades in, since they aren’t your regular foods. Skip all of those and see how you like it.

Do you love jalapeno burgers? Go for the burger, but skip the jalapeno.

Do you want to eat Chinese food? Okay, but no peppers of any sort… That leaves the non-spicy foods and not all of those.

Oh, but one of your regular foods is bread! Well, you could eat the burger without the bread, just get a fork.

It’s an idea.

I’m very frustrated right now about attitudes towards how easy it is to avoid a food that makes me feel badly anyway. Think of it as being told you can never again indulge your sweet tooth, plus.