Announcing Rape Victims’ Names

The News and Observer has announced the name of the innocent lacrosse team members’ accuser. I agree with that choice. She’s been shown to be a liar and why should she be protected? They weren’t.

But now they say they aren’t sure that their standing policy of not id’ing assault survivors’ names will be under review.

Sometimes the media gives enough information that the name is known. “28 year old English professor” for instance in a small college town. I think even that is wrong.

Too often our system and our sympathies support the criminal not the victim. Rape is still considered to be a negative event that the victim caused or encouraged by many people. I’ve heard people who ought to know better espouse it in college classes and in church.

Most rape victims don’t prosecute. They feel like the hoops are too stressful. One of my friends fended off a rape attack and the DA got the guy for attempted rape. They had three rape victims who were offering to testify against the guy, but the DA said they weren’t credible because they had been raped.

Damn it.