Cons of homeschooling

A while back I wrote and posted a blog entry Homeschooling: pros and cons. Recently I got a nasty note saying there weren’t any cons in the article.

There were. Here’s a short version of the cons of homeschooling.

The biggest con to homeschooling is the personal responsibility. If I am my sons’ only teacher, then I must find the best way to teach them. I must teach them well. I must not give in to entropy or indifference. I must do the best I can, knowing that I don’t get to leave the classroom and decompress. Every day all day long is the classroom of life and I am the guide for my boys.

I can’t blame their education on someone else. I can’t argue with anyone else for their side. I have to make the right decisions, not all the time, but consistently.

With homeschooling, you have to do it. You can’t take a break. You can’t give up. It matters.

That’s the biggest con of homeschooling.