Broken Leg

Monday night while I was making dinner my sister called. Her husband and our dad were both out of town. She thought A, age 6, had broken his leg. She’d have to take him to the ER. Could I come watch the girls?

I was out of the house in three minutes and at her house in 50. (Houston is big. Rush hour traffic is not fun.)

She took him to the hospital and was there till 1 am or so.

He did break his tibia. They put it in a fiberglass cast and told her to get him a cane.

She went with him to the pediatric orthopedist who told her to get him a wheelchair.

May I just say that neither my house, nor my sister’s house, nor my parent’s house is wheelchair friendly. Neither is T-ball, which he had to drop out of, summer soccer camp, which he can’t go to… And I am sure lots of other things little six year old boys tend to do.

We have to wait another week to see if he will have to have surgery on the limb.