“Support the troops” turns Dems off.

I took an online poli sci survey on Monday. It asked me questions like “Are most Democrats corrupt?” I said no. Most Democrats, I thought, are people just like you and me who are doing the best they can to make the right choices. I don’t often agree with their understanding of what the right choices are, but…

However, yesterday I was listening to some pollster on Sean Hannity. He said that he polled 31 Ds at the debates. They had a dial that went “more positive” or “less positive” based on what the speakers were saying. Anytime someone used the phrase “Support the troops,” the dial went to less positive. …Glad I didn’t know that when I took the quiz. Their “compassionate” rating might have tanked.

I took the survey off Musing Minds.

If you want to take the survey for the Stony Brook poli sci folks, go here.