The Spirit intervenes

When I was in high school, my pastor died. He was 33. He left a wife and three small children behind. In order to give some relief to his family, our church decided that we would fill the role of the pastor with the members for one year, continuing to give the wife and children the pastor’s salary.

That entire year, the Spirit directed the worship. The songs chosen tied in perfectly with the lesson. The communion thoughts tied in perfectly with the songs. The communion thoughts tied in with the lesson. It was amazing. It was awe-filling. And one of our elders would make the point that “the Spirit did this.”

Two weeks ago, my husband was going to start teaching the high school class’ Bible lesson on Sunday morning. I was filled with trepidation, whether my husband was or not.

And the communion thought tied specifically to R’s discussion of faith. In the lesson, the pastor said some things I had told R he couldn’t say. In addition, the pastor brought up the point that we don’t always do a good job of studying the Bible. This led in to my husband’s discussion of why apologetics is important.

The Spirit intervenes, working in various people who have not contacted each other, to make a coherent point to his people.

It is amazing to me when I see that!