Repudiating an attack on women with an attack on Christianity

I was reading Betsy’s Page and she posted about the fact that the London bombings had been intended to kill women. The article she quoted sounded well-written and well argued. It pointed out several obvious things that the British are ignoring. But then I went there.

Christopher Hutchins starts his article on how bombings target women with an attack on Christianity.

Why on earth do people keep saying, “There but for the grace of God …”? If matters had been very slightly different over the past weekend, the streets of London and the airport check-in area in Glasgow, Scotland, would have been strewn with charred body parts. And this would have been, according to the would-be perpetrators, because of the grace of God. Whatever our own private theology or theodicy, we might at least agree to take this vile belief seriously.

It is an outright attack on Christians. He says they’re silly to keep saying that. Then he says “if matters had been different,” like that repudiates God’s grace in the matter. No, it rather heightens it. And then he equates the Christian belief in the grace of God saving people to the Islamic belief that the grace of God blesses murder.

Tell me, what does this opening attack on Christianity have to do with the rest of the article? Nothing, really. But he wanted to get his shot in. And people like me, who saw some of the content on other blogs, came to be told that our religion is “silly” and the equivalent of mass murderers.