Things I stumbled upon

I was using Stumble and I found:

a hobbit home built as described in the Tolkein books with georgeous architecture and pictures.

Stacks of pennies to show how bridges are built. It is the replacement for the domino effect and the card towers as a time waster. But cool looking.

The History, Art, and Culture of Ancient Mesoamerica. The pics of the gods are funky. They’re taken from original pics and they look kind of cartoonish, hanging out in a rectangle waiting for you to click on one.

Good stuff on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. History, ms, etc.

10 Strangest Weapons throughout History include pre-Wolverine metal hands, guns as flashlights, and a flexible coiled sword. It could be worn as a belt.

Very odd picture of 9/11 taken of people out on a lunch break with the plumes of the World Trade Center in the background.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Poor puppy. Results of dog v. porcupine pics. Dog has 1,347 quills in him.

All about the 8 Ball. Including the fact that the blue liquid inside causes a few minutes of numbness to the area which it touches on the human body. Hmm. Maybe it’s not water with blue dye after all.

A short short story about time displacement.

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” An article by Philip K. Dick.

A picture of Microsoft 1978.

A TV news presentation on witches flying around and attacking policemen. The translation leaves out some of what is being said, but keeps with the facts.

What does McDonald’s food look like after ten weeks? The answer is here. Hint: French fries look the same.

An introduction to Grimm’s Fairy Tales by National Geographic.