Things to do if we put our house on the market:

Paint the media room white instead of red.

Repaint the office white or some pale color instead of bright purple. Or for the short term, stick a bed and dresser in there and say it’s a girl’s bedroom.

Maybe repaint the hall so that it is white rather than pinkish.

Paint the pantry closet in the living room. We’d probably have to turn that into storage instead of a pantry. A pantry makes it look like there isn’t enough room in our kitchen. And there was plenty when we moved in.

Probably should repaint the stairwell and our bedroom, too, but that’s a lot of work. And our bedroom doesn’t look too bad with the new put together look.

Remove/rearrange furniture:
Take down some of our bookshelves. All four in the dining room. The one in the front entryway. Maybe the one in the office and the one in the office. Probably the smaller one in the teen room. I could remove the books from the teen room big bookshelves and put our sci fi in there. That would be better than having those in storage.

A smaller table in the dining room would be better to show it off, but it may be that with the bookshelves out of there it looks plenty big. I should probably also move the china cabinet to the dining room. I like it in the living room, but furniture is supposed to be in the room where it goes.

In our room, we should take out the armoire, the cedar chest, and the little stool so that it makes the room look bigger. I love the armoire and the cedar chest, but they really do crowd the room.

Get rid of the gray thing in the media room. Empty out some of the bookshelves in there for game storage.

Take the tiny table and the bookshelf out of E’s room.

Take the bookshelf looking thing out of M’s room. Also maybe one of the dresser’s out of M’s room. He’d be better off with a small bookshelf in his room.

We could put a table back in the breakfast room. If we put the china cabinet in the dining room we’d have room for that loveseat in the living room. Then put the big chair in storage or up in the teen room? Or maybe in Micah’s room? I’d really need ot think about that rearranging. I think the love seat would be fine in the living room. Maybe just take the white chair and the other two chairs and put them in storage.

The paper in the kitchen. It’s not scrubbable and it looks bad. That was about $500 for paper and $500 for the work when we moved in. But we should definitely do it because it makes the house look so much better.

The boys’ bathroom tiles which have fallen out and/or broken.

The bathtub tiles in my bathroom need a heavy dose of bleach and new caulk.

The piece of wood at the back door that got water damage.

I would need to weed the yard really well.

I would need to take down those things I have on the fence trying to get the roses to train on them. And I should take out the roses. Instead I should buy a bunch of knock out roses or encore azaleas and put them there. They’ll bloom longer and be pretty.

If I do that, I should put black stuff down, to keep the weeds down, and then cover it with mulch. I might even should put a liner between the bed and the driveway.

In addition, I would need to mow the back yard, cut down things, pull up weeds.

The very back fence, though I don’t think it is actually ours, should be repaired so that the dog can be kept in the back run. Cleaning up, maybe planting some bright colored flowers in the back yard would be good too.

For the front yard, I would need some more foxtail ferns for the side of the driveway. And I should plant something else or additional somethings in the bed in front of our window. It doesn’t get as much sun, so that’s harder to find plants.

Also we would need to replace the jacuzzi cover and the piece that is missing on the inside. It doesn’t matter to us if it doesn’t work. (The heater needs something done to it.) But it does need to not be an eyesore. That’s $500. But it is easier to buy that piece than it is to get rid of the jacuzzi. And most people think a jacuzzi is a big plus.

When we moved from Austin, we got a storage unit and decluttered the house. We put the Christmas stuff away and cleaned up the other things we didn’t use often. It made the house in Austin seem much bigger the last few times we were there.

It makes me want to do that here. What books could I get rid of? What books should I get rid of? What pieces of furniture would be better off out of our house?

It seems that the piece in M’s room would be better gone. But I like it. And I paid $250 for it. But it doesn’t do a thing for the aesthetics of anything.

The table in the entryway is really too small, but the only other table I have that I might put there is the one in the living room. It seems like it might be too big.

All told
There’s not really a LOT to do. Repaper one room. Repaint three or four. Move a bunch of stuff into storage. Get rid of some stuff.