Ideas from different websites on how to stage a home.

Obviously clean and do repairs. Replace broken blinds, etc. I think this would be a good idea to do now, whether we sell the home or not. I’ve been trying to do more real cleaning and this is helping me get motivated.

Remove any personality from the rooms: personal photos, knick knacks, jewelry, bathroom things.

Plant yellow flowers. They make buyers want to buy.

Set the table with chargers, plates, and center pieces. But don’t put out flatware because it gets stolen.

Put on a colorful movie with the sound off. That is probably a great idea in our media room. They recommend a kids’ movie like Finding Nemo.

Open all windows, blinds, etc.

Make cookies or bread everyday so it smells good.

Have some easy listening or light jazz playing quietly.

Have everything absolutely clean. Including the garage and the wastebaskets. (To do this I may have to buy new wastebaskets.)

Clean the carpet.

Wash the windows inside and out.

Put fresh flowers out in the house.

Use floor lamps and table lamps in every room. You can get them at garage sales. (Maybe borrow some from Mom or S?)

Walls look the best when they are painted in neutral shades like beige, off white, peach, light blue, etc. (I didn’t know light blue was a neutral.)

Stage “smart” activities like reading and playing chess.

Remove any political or religious artifacts from home. (I guess for us that means get rid of excess religious books and the pro-life books.)

Have plants inside.

“Stage” the bathroom by having a pretty basket with new towels, new soaps, pretty stuff set out. (Mom would probably have some good ideas on how to do this.)

Buy new shower curtains if need to.

Empty pantry of most foods. Just leave enough that they can see there is room.

Have kitchen cabinets neat. All cups facing same way. Arrange spices by alphabet. (Hey, we already do that.)