List of things to go in a storage unit:

The how-to places on preparing your home for sale say that you should delete furniture so that there is only enough for people to be able to tell what the room is for. I think that is a little extreme. I’ve seen houses with only a tiny table in the room and they turned me off. I wondered if the room was too small for regular furniture. But there are a lot of things in my house I could move and make the house seem bigger.

In addition they said that people will look in your drawers and closets. I think I’ll have to take stuff out of those. We’ll see.

bookshelves in the entryway (1)
in the dining room (3)
in M’s bedroom (or give it away?) (1)
in the laundry room (1)
in E’s bedroom (1)
in the teen room, the one R made (1) (Can I get rid of the books on it? They’re not mine. Hey, R, go look please.)

Maybe I should also take out the two small yellow bookshelves in the game room. Or put one in M’s room and one in back of the couch as a sofa table.

small dresser in E’s room (or get rid of it)

grandfather closet in E’s closet (and everything else in the closet)

all the things in the office closet

all of the things in the teen room closet (go through first and give away)

most of the stuff in the Harry Potter closet (keep some suitcases for travel)

kitchen stuff in right top cabinet (or just throw/give it away)

kitchen stuff in bottom cabinet in corner (we use these, but rarely.)

most of the stuff in the bottom next to the stove, both sides; Keep only enough to keep us going.

clean out any extra dishes we don’t use much

empty cabinet over hood and refrigerator

the brown dresser in M’s room (Would his clothes fit in there? Then I could get rid of the white dresser.)

the desk in the teen room

the sideboard (or give it away)

the little plant table in teen room

the glass table in entry way? (should I put the big end table there or just leave the glass. It seems too small.)

the cedar chest in our room

Most or all of the too small clothes in R’s closet and the other storage items. Leave the sweaters hanging and his camera bag in there.

Either the armoire or the dresser. The armoire makes the room seem small. The dresser doesn’t really match the furniture. It would be better to put the clothes that he wears in a suitcase, maybe, on the bottom of the closet so that he can get them out easily. So maybe the armoire and the dresser. We’ll have to hire someone to do that. We can’t move the armoire.

the table in the teen room (Or put it in dining room to make dining room seem bigger and put the d.r. table in storage. Or put it in the breakfast room.)

Either all the furniture in the breakfast room or some of it and some of the furniture in the living room. I think we should probably set up the breakfast room as a breakfast room. We love it with living room furniture in there, but I don’t think most people would.

Any knick knacks that are not in the china cabinet or out on the kitchen window shelf. I think that needs something, so I would leave it. But all the other knick knacks should either be given away or put away.

The blow up bed in the teen room.

The cute suitcases in the teen room.

the side tables in the media room

the big gray thing in the media room (or give it away?)

the hepa air filtering unit

the toys in M’s closet

some of the stuff in the hall closet. Then I should put towels and linens in there, so it looks like I know what it is for.

I am sure I will put in others. This list makes for a big storage unit.