Things to give away:

the sleeping bags in E’s room (we never use them)

the tent stuff (same)

Okay, I can’t do that. They’re survival stuff.

Most of my Christmas stuff. Get rid of anything I don’t love that is mine. Pack the boys’ things in one normal size box for ease of whatever.

The two small fake evergreens on the front porch and the pots they are sitting in.

Some more books. I’ll get rid of some. I’m sure I can. There are a lot I don’t read. I just bought them in case I ever need to teach them.

?The glass bookshelf in M’s room.? I like it. He likes it. In this house there is no place to put it. But there might be in the next house.

the white dresser in M’s room

the globe

Give Mom back the clock.

All the art/crafty things we’ve had for years and haven’t used.

Cull clothes. (I need to get back in shape so I can wear some of my clothes, but cull others.)

Some of the kitchen specialty things we don’t use. The fancy glasses. The ice cream serving pieces. Some of the ice cream scoops. (I think we have six.)

The big pot plants in the garage.

The plastic containers we aren’t using. (Of course, I always think we could use them. We will use them.)

I need to keep this list going and give all that stuff away anyway. Maybe I can make a run on Monday. I have a few things already thrown together to go away.


old magazines

Things that I don’t love in the little half bath. (Should we get rid of the unit? It was here when we came. But I think taking it out would make the bathroom look bigger.)