UT transfer

E’s been taking classes that will transfer to UT. Two of the classes he took, it turns out he doesn’t need. But the hours will still transfer. And they were interesting classes that took him out of his comfort zone.

I was thinking he should have more of his general ed classes at the community college. But then I saw this statement on UT’s website for the Natural Sciences transfer students:

Applicants with additional math and science credentials also receive priority consideration.

So he’ll be taking sophomore physics next summer, eight hours of it. Then he’ll take Calculus 3 in the fall. Or, maybe, if the school will let him, he’ll take Calc 3 and Span 3 in the summer along with physics.

Anyway I am going to make sure he has finished the calculus sequence at the cc and has taken his physics classes. That will at least indicate that he is interested in the area he wants to major in.

If I had seen that earlier, I might have done something different with the classes I am making him take now. But I’d have had to know it when he first started taking classes. I guess that just says that, especially as homeschoolers, we need to be looking ahead and planning for down the road.