Apparently I’ve been using a restricted and dangerous product

I couldn’t find Malathion at Lowe’s, so I bought something which had bifenthrin in it. I looked up malathion to find out what it looked like. Then I thought I would look up bifenthrin to find out if it really does kill fleas. It hasn’t done a great job in our yard, but maybe I didn’t spray enough.

Turns out it is a restricted use insecticide and is supposed to be only used by licensed applicators and their employees. I wonder if that is a California thing. It certainly didn’t seem restricted in Texas. No, it’s a federal site. Wonder what the people at Lowe’s are thinking? I can’t find the one I need and the one I found is restricted.

According to the federal government, bifenthrin does not kill fleas. Great. But another site, that actually has a fairly comprehensive list of insecticides available for general use says bifenthrin will kill fleas.

Also according to the sites I read, I need to treat the yard at least two and maybe three times, day 1, day 6, and day 11. That’s the only way to kill all the fleas dead. And I want them dead.

My poor Serenity has no fur on her mouth because she’s been licking her bites so much. And much of her belly is hairless as well.