Something has upset me.

I had nightmares this morning. I was shopping for things in a giant Goodwill garage sale, lots of excellent pieces of furniture. I lost my shoes in a snowbank with a pillow that became a puddle but didn’t realize it for a long time. Then I started looking for my shoes. It was hard because the sale was a maze that only went one way. After a long time of searching, and finding out the sale was to pay for on the quiet abortions, I realized I had lost my purse as well. This was my last pair of shoes. I couldn’t leave without them. The sale didn’t have a lot of shoes and even if it did, I didn’t have my purse so I couldn’t pay for shoes.

It started out as a fairly innocuous dream about buying fast food for dinner with $15, the amount that is in my purse.

What can have upset me?

R grumped at me about stealing the sheet, his pillow, and most of the bed- I think. It could have been another dream. I was asleep at the time. And that is not his normal response to those things.

I’ve realized my temper is bad. I swiped at E with my hand and actually lightly hit his neck. I told him I meant to hit his hair, but I actually didn’t MEAN to hit anything. However, my insides apparently came out. Which doesn’t say much for my insides.

That’s probably part of the upset because that happened again in the dream only with someone else’s child.

And I’ve got two jobs, one regular and one very easy, with a possible third one on the way. It’s somewhere between regular and easy. It’s not as stressful as homeschooling someone else’s high school students was, I’m sure. But there is a commute. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about that one.

I hate being stressed.