When things don’t go like you expect

the saying says, “Make lemonade.”

But how easy is that?

We spent weeks getting people interviewed. Several people went away because they weren’t qualified or lied on their resume or had some other problem. One went away because half the group did not like him best. (Looking back I am not sure that was a good idea.)

We found someone who looked solid to us. We sent him on to the elders. They interviewed him. They liked him. They brought him in for an interview.

Most people liked him. Some didn’t.

The elders here called his elders at the church he is leaving and suddenly the whole process grinds to a halt. Two of his elders had something not positive to say when they told their side of the story. I am guessing that. He said, “I wouldn’t trust some of them to tell the truth” when he was asked for a list of his elders. One elder, who was neutral, said to call two others to get “their side.” Our elders called each of the elders. Some were very positive. I would guess that these two were not.

So instead of getting home to a “full speed ahead email” late last night or waking to one this morning, the email is silent.

And though I want the whole thing to be over and done, though I would like to be finished with it and have our youth minister, I am relieved inside. Whether they ask him to come or not, at least they are not doing it as a runaway freight train. That’s kind of how it has felt.

If they don’t ask him, or he doesn’t accept, we will be pretty much back to square one. And my personal preference person is out of the running. That’s okay. I’ve got to accept that that was God’s will and let it go.

Maybe I am looking for Mr. Perfect. Even the guy I preferred over this guy gave me some pause with some of his responses.

One of the team members is terribly upset. She’s been wanting to hire this guy since we got his resume.

I have to fight myself to not get petty. I don’t want to be petty.

I am so grateful that the elders are making the decision.

Maybe, if we have to do this again, we can change our perspective. Maybe we can be a sieve of information to the elders rather than being what my hubby calls the “HR department.” That’s the group that is just looking for a reason to throw someone’s resume out.

God, grant us peace. And send the right person to our ministry. Whoever that may be.