Sabbath quotes, fourteen years ago

Looking over what I quoted this time and what I quoted last time I read the book, I can see that I am thinking of and learning different things now.

Christians sometives forget the fuller community we share with God’s creation beyond the human community. Sabbath time is a special opportunity to appreciate our intimacy with all that comes from God’s hand. 84

Sometimes we feel most in communion with life when we are in solitude. That paradox is espresed in the Russian word for solitude, which means “being with everyone.” … authentic solitude is but a different way of being in community. 84

… community is truly given us, and not made by our actions. We are community. That is just a fact of Christian experience. . . 85

Authentic sabbath time implies freedom and invites fresh eyes and fresh breath with which to see and be in the world. 87

… resting on the sabbath is a revolutionary act. … We liberate time. . . 88

Two of these I thought of writing down this time, but didn’t. I have six pages of quotes from last time. And then I added my own thoughts about some of it.

sabbath/ministy (from page 50)
I tend to think we focus more on us in ministry and more on God in sabbath.
I think this vision explains why Americans are letting go of sabbath.
Struck me as an interesting juxtaposition for these, but true nonetheless.

God is equidistant from the past, present, and future; as we identify with the image of God in us, we identify with the intimate contemporaneity of all events and beings in creation, caught up in the universal transfiguration of Christ. 73

L’Engle’s Walking on Water view of time is here.

Is there a connection that others have missed that I may have had and lost in my sense of wrongness …with hearing?