Truck stops on the internet highway.

Church loses tax-exempt status for property because it refused homosexuals the right to marry there.
Read it at Life Site. What happened to the “We don’t care about the churches we just want the same legal rights as heterosexuals” that the gay-lesbian alliance used to shout? Guess it “changed” once they found out that the churches weren’t going to automatically think that what they were doing was right.

Columbia University Dean says Hitler welcome. Ahjimenihad is too.
This story is in the NY Daily News. Of course, according to the same article, when Columbia invited Nazi Germany’s ambassador over for a speech and cocktail party, Columbia’s students revolted. Haven’t heard that happening this time.

What is a tyrannical anti-US homosexual-murdering military-killing women-murdering head of state doing coming to one of our schools? At least NY didn’t grant him the access he wanted at Ground Zero. I imagine he’d have used that at home for “this is what else we’re going to do” propaganda.

American students flunk civics test.
This is a 60 question test, on various subjects, some of which I question as “US,” such as the meaning of the term junta. And about four of the questions are hard to understand… That is, I read them two different ways and then had to guess which they meant. But otherwise the test is interesting. The major findings are here and you can also take the test yourself.