Getting better

In the last six weeks I’ve lost ten pounds. That would be way more impressive if it weren’t for the fact that the ten weeks before that is when I gained those ten pounds. Now I’m back where I was for over a year and a half. And I’m trying to go down.

I looked over my notebook and 9/04 I weighed 185. (What I weighed 6 weeks ago.) Then 2/05 I weighed 169. I hope to drop faster than that this time. Five months for 16 pounds… Then 5/05 I weighed 155. Three more months for 14 pounds.

So, if I lose now like I lost then, it will be eight months before I’m at a “good” weight. But that’s okay. This time I am going to get to a good weight and stay there. I’m going to keep up my careful eating and my exercise. I am not going to get frustrated when my weight doesn’t go down for two months. If it doesn’t, I will simply celebrate that it hasn’t gone up.

I am also improving in my exercise.

I haven’t done as well at weights as I would like or even as well as I have done in the past. But I can get better quickly just by doing a few things differently. I’m working on those.

My aerobic exercise is good. I have been adding 10 minutes a week to my bike riding. So I started at 30 minutes a time, then went to 40; now I am at 50 minutes a ride. I went approximately 8.5 miles each the last two days. It wasn’t even particularly hard. I wouldn’t be able to keep that up for ten hours, but I am getting quite a bit faster.

I’ve also gotten my medicines organized in a way that I think is helping me. It’s not helping my hair, which was why I started re-dosing, but I do think I am doing better.

As far as school goes, I am making progress.

I am getting my grading done before it is due. Sometimes a week in advance is finished. But at least I’m not grading papers the last hour before class again. That’s a plus.

In addition, M and I are staying on track more for school. He’s got to stay up with Geography and Algebra II, since he is taking them from someone else. But we are also keeping up with biology and reading. I need to get it in gear for writing, though. We haven’t been doing that. I think I’m going to do Monday and Wednesday mornings for reading and assignments. Then he’ll have stuff due for me on Friday. But I’m getting that done better, too.

I’ve prepared for my history and poetry class ahead of time. That’s worked out fairly well. I do need to print some things for next week’s history class, but I know what I want to do. We’ll be ending the Olympics phase and moving on to ballooning. That’s a big jump in time, but I haven’t found anything to put in the middle.

So, overall, I’d say I’m a little ahead of where I was last year, but not as good as I want to be.

God, please help me.