A heart becomes heavy when it is carrying bad news around. A friend of mine knew that her finances were difficult. Her husband had made some bad investments and they’d been forced to take a small second mortgage on the house to tide them over. That was over a year ago.

Just this last week she found out that her husband hadn’t been working at all for at least the last two years. I don’t know what he had been doing when he said he was working, but he hasn’t.

They have nothing.

He left.

And she and the two kids were forced to leave as well. The house was not theirs. She is living in an apt where, when she plugged in her hair dryer, the whole electrical system went down.

I saw her not too long ago. I guess it was before all this went down. I hope so, anyway, because she didn’t tell me anything about it.

She is working a job that is just above minimum wage and has been for the last two years, while trying to go to school. I doubt she’s still trying to go to school.

But my heart aches for her.

Aching is not a good thing. I’ve prayed. But what else can I do? Get a gift card to Wal Mart. That might be useful.