Exercising more

I’m trying to get in shape for the Bike the Bend ride in November (10, 19, 32, 53, or 59 miles) and the MS150 in April.

Two months ago I wasn’t doing any exercising.

Since then I’ve gone from 20 minutes a day 3x a week to 30 minutes a day 4x a week to 1 hr a day 3x a week plus 30 minutes a day 1x a week.

Today I rode my bike 12.4 miles. It took me longer than an hour, but I’m not sure how much longer because I forgot to check my watch when I actually left. (I looked when I was going to leave, but then I remembered it was trash day. So I went back in and took out all the trash.)

Anyway, I’ve gone from 2 miles a day to 12 miles a day. That’s good.

I think I’d like to do the Bayou Bend ride at 19 miles, but if I’m really building up, which I should be, maybe I’ll stretch myself to do the 32 miles.

Right now that would be three hours. The courses are only open for five hours, so I couldn’t do anything more than 32 miles.

One of the websites I looked at said you’re required to carry a liter of water for every mile. I wonder how big my water thing is.

I’ll also need to buy a helmet.

And I really should look into buying a skinny wheel bike. Too bad we didn’t start serious bike riding before I cleaned out the garage and got rid of our skinny bike.