Stating your opinion in your business

Daring Young Mom supports her local bookstore. (Yeah for her!) But she doesn’t agree with their bumper sticker belief on their front door. (I agree with Daring.) However, she also said this, “I also don’t think it’s appropriate to place a sign like that prominently at the entry to your place of business.” That’s where we disagree.

It is their business. They have the right to post any sign they want to as long as it is legal. And, if it is something that they feel passionate enough about to lose business over, then they ought to post it.

Maybe talking to Daring will change their mind. But she wouldn’t have thought to discuss such a topic if they hadn’t had the sign there. So… the sign initiates discussions.

My wonderful hubby had a great post on passion in the world today and why we venerate it.

I don’t know if I am falling for the enthusiasm without substance he was talking about… but I still think if someone believes something, they ought to be able to post it at their place of business. It IS their business, after all.