Renaissance Festival

Went yesterday for six solid hours of festival fun.

Very hot day. Very bright. Spent “lots” of money, almost $80. Bought a fan and a rondlet for my head.

We lost a rosary. (R took it off and forgot it. When he came back four minutes or so later, it was gone.)

I like to go in all the shops. R doesn’t. R likes to take pictures of all the people. I don’t. It was fun, but not as fun as it could have been.

I’d like to have heard the carrillion (or however you spell it) and seen the coin minting and the printing press and the glass blowing.

But I’m sure R saw more shops than he was interested in.

Lots of dressed up people. See here and these pics and a family’s view and these. Most are from last year, though the first are from this year.

While looking for pics I found all kinds of things. It was my own themed-Stumble. Most interesting? The story of Sawny Bean, the cannibal of Scotland.