My mother and I

I am in as good a shape, or better, than my mother was when she was 29. How do I know that? I was around then.

I was 29 sixteen years ago. So I’ve been in better shape than my mother has been since 1975 for the last sixteen years.

I plan to be in better shape than that for the rest of my life.

1 thought on “My mother and I

  1. I guess I could say the same. I am in the best shape (or I was until my fitness center closed a month ago) of my life. I am stronger, have more muscle, and more endurance. I even like to run – some. No marathons for me yet. I did do a 5k though back in April.

    Best of luck to you. You sound like you have a great plan to meet your goals. May you preserver.

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