Riding the bike

Two weeks ago, I planned to ride my bike 2xwk for 20 miles and 2xwk for 5-10 miles.

That hasn’t happened. I’ve been going for four 10-12 mile rides a week. And this week I was thinking I would do the same thing. But today I decided to ride a different route. I went six miles out and then said I would turn around and come back. So I did. But somehow I got lost and went in circles- big circles. Finally I tried a different route and ended up at the library. From there I could find my way home.

So today I went 15 miles. It took me an hour and forty minutes. That’s longer than it ought to have.

But it says I can easily do the 19 mile ride. And that the 32 mile ride would probably take me four hours. I’m not sure I’ll be up to that by then. Too bad there’s not a 26 mile ride. That would be a stretch, but not too much of a stretch.

I’ve also been neglecting the dog. I don’t think we’ve gone on our walks…. I know we didn’t go last week. That’s when I fell off my bike and got scrapes all down my right side. They still aren’t healed and my knee still looks terrible.

But I am getting in better shape. And that’s been my goal.