Stumbled Upon: English/language related

The origin of everyday punctuation marks. Interesting.

A list of overused Fantasy cliches, which led me to wonder which stories they were from. … Of course I recognized Tasha Yar of Star Trek TNG.

Very cool online graphical dictionary and thesaurus

Alphabet Evolution, not complete, but interesting.

Write your name in Elvish.

Question about original fairy tales being incredibly violent.

Big Huge Thesaurus for rhymes, sounds like, etc.

Website on Hans Christian Andersen’s tales.

Anagram Hall of Fame, The morse cold = here come dots

Weird and wonderful foreign phrases, including tartle which is Scottish for hesitating when introducing someone whose name you can’t remember

English tongue twisters

Brother’s Grimm tales

Speech funnies, “She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and forgot to say when. P. G. Wodehouse”

Crazy Facts, origin of “rule of thumb” and “sleep tight”