Things to see on the net

A Statue of Liberty made out of 18,000 men.

A grammar lesson on YouTube which is incorrect. None can stand for “not any” as well as for “not one.”

Wedding Photos We’ll Remember, some of which you may wish you could forget. Some are funny and some… are weird because they’re in the package.

This is just a picture of cubes. No big deal. But they bounce up when you move the cursor over them and you can get quite a symphony of bouncing going on.

Shakespeare Timeline Summary Chart

9 Words that Don’t Mean What you think they mean. I was getting kind of cocky, until I got to enormity. The arty nudes and extraneous breast shots are there to keep the guys interested. They must expect women to be interested, because the shots of guys sucked. (Language, Frontal nudity)

A real time world clock, which shows births, deaths, respiratory infections, diabetes… Does that mean all the folks with diabetes or only those living? I don’t know.

My junior high journalism teacher might have created this site, except she’s been dead since I was in junior high. But this I remember of her. She wanted us to come up with a different word for each alphabet letter to replace the word said. Here’s someone’s list.

A country map of what folks call that stuff you drink in a can with carbonation. I live in a 80-100% coke county. I say soda pop. Notice that is not an option. But New York, where I went to high school, is soda country and Indiana, where I went to grad school, is pop country. So I’m a soda pop girl in coke country.

If you want to see some amazing Google Earth images, go here. I’ve seen some other places, but most were new to me. The jet parked in a parking lot next to a building was odd. The red (really red) sea in Iraq is funky.

See the New 7 Wonders of the World. Read a description of the voting.