The Almighty Dollar Puts People at Risk

I’m a capitalist.

But I’ve found that my mom’s insurance, which pays willingly, quickly, and comprehensively for things like skin cancer, knee replacements, and lymphoma, has requested that the psychiatric ward “guarantee” why my mom has to be there. In other words, it is going to be a fight to keep her there.

Umm, can we take her to the people who asked that question? When she yells at them, bites them, throws things at them, and throws clothing over their heads while they are driving, then they can answer the question for themselves.

But because the psych people don’t want to have to guarantee that she needs to be there, they’re letting her out on evening passes… She’ll be staying with my dad at the hotel.

All I can say is that when someone else calls the police on her, I hope it’s the same six who already know my mom’s crazy and not a new contingent who show up.

Still violet. Nowhere near orange.