Business news you might not have known.

“Faux fur” in Rocawear’s clothing was actually dog fur.

A working phone for little girls that resembles stripper shoes.

Johnson&Johnson gets a little sue happy and goes after the Red Cross for using its trademark. Just for giggles, I looked it up. J&J patented their trademark in 1905. But in 1905 the government passed a law saying you couldn’t use the Red Cross as a trademark, but they grandfathered in J&J. So J&J were released from a law and now they’re suing. That figures.

The EU posts a mash up of 2 dozen sex scenes from movies and then ends “Let’s Come Together. Does that mean let’s hook up or let’s cum together?

Remember Jet Blue moving its customers to the tarmac and not letting them leave in white out conditions for over 11 hours?

Fly first class and have a corpse seated next to you with British Airways.

Wikiscanner seems to be rather dangerous if you are working from work. It also doesn’t seem like that should be legal… Don’t ask me why.