Pages read 2008: Week 1

Over 8,000 pages read in the first six days of 2008. I doubt I will keep this level up. But even if I just read 8,000 pages a month (which is easily credible) that still makes me a voracious reader.

28 novels between 235 and 248 pages (235, 246, 248 were the page numbers for the last three) for an average of 243 = 6804 pages

Science fiction:
1252 pages

I want to count my reading on these. They are reading. They should count. But how do you count pages? So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to count a day’s posting, whether long like Sigmund, Carl and Alfred or short like Reactuate, as one page. So some “pages” will be very long. But it will give me a presentation of “pages” for blogs. They are reading.