Requiem for 2007

I told my husband it had been a very good year.

He said it had, despite my mother’s dip into insanity.

Then I said, in spite of the fact that your grandfather died.

And we kept on… Then he said, It’s kind of weird that it’s been a good year and so much bad stuff has happened. But it has been a good year.

Good things:
R had a job.
I had a job.
R got to work on his photography and get better.
He began a video experience that may make him money.
E became a sophomore in college.
E became a member of Phi Theta Kappa.
M made an 80 on his math final.
M is doing well in geography.
The boys and I flew to New York and studied history in that area for a week– going to Valley Forge (where M corrected the film), the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and several other places.
M brought me several compliments this year. “He’s so polite.” “He’s always nice to X.” “He’s a great kid.” And he deserved every one of those compliments.
M mowed the lawn a lot without complaining.
M began jogging with me. (He’s actually better at it than I am.)
R and I went to Front Sight to learn to shoot better.
After 18 years together, I finally mixed our science fiction and fantasy books together.

Bad stuff:
Broke my arm.
Pappa died.
Mom in psychiatric hospital.
I was called for jury duty, the one responsibility all Americans have.