Pains you shouldn’t ignore

Web MD has an article on the 7 pains you shouldn’t ignore. I have had the first four without it having been the extreme things it might have been. And the last… yeah, I’ve had the last. And must I remind you that just because a doctor doesn’t know what is causing the pain, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something causing the pain? (See this post for my articulate and particular argument on that subject. [And I spent 30 minutes looking for it because I thought it was worth it.])

1 thought on “Pains you shouldn’t ignore

  1. That’s ridiculous! What pain did they leave out? Matter of fact if the first 6 didn’t cover it, they added “Vague, Combined, or Medically Unexplained Pains”.

    That’s the stupidest medical article I’ve ever read.

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