Why gentlemen no longer wear hats


He didn’t like to wear them because he had a beautiful head of hair. Before him they were very much de rigueur. He did wear a top hat to his inaugaration (an older tradition that had been set aside by his time.)

I like hats.

One of my favorite stories from the depression era (I have two favorites.) is the tale of a hat and a roomful of men.

Hats were de rigueur at the time. A group of men went to interview for a job. Only one in the bunch had a hat. So this man volunteered to be the last interviewee and for everyone else to borrow his hat. In those days men NEVER wore hats inside. So the hat didn’t have to fit all those men. They just had to hold it in their hands and set it in their laps. All of them made a better showing at the interviews than they would have without the hat. Yeah, for the gentleman who loaned his hat out.