One Month to Live: Day 7

Currently how connected do you feel to your dreams? Does your day-to-day life reflect an active pursuit of your dreams? What prevents you from such a pursuit?

What are dreams? Langston Hughes wrote, “Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” That’s my first thought when I think of dreams.

What are my dreams? That’s a hard question. I could say it has gotten easier since yesterday, but it is still a hard dream.

I want to teach. I have wanted to teach since I was a little girl. Some of my teaching experiences would have been enough to scare a smarter woman from the field. But I still want to teach.

And yesterday, after reviewing 4YS’s website, I want to teach there. I love medieval/Old English literature. It is really the only literature I adore in general. (I do like Lewis Carroll and Jonathan Swift, but.. not whole genres that take them into account.)

I want, when I teach, to teach less than five classes a semester. I would really like to teach three. And I would like to teach literature on a regular basis, which means teaching somewhere there is a four year degree. And on top of those things I would like to teach somewhere I can do topics classes and just teach whatever my little heart desires. I hadn’t articulated this till yesterday.

Up until now and maybe now still I have not been pursuing my dreams, at least not the one I’m talking about here. I’ve been homeschooling. I’ve felt that is what God wants me to do. I think he has blessed me and the boys through that/this time.

How do you distinguish between your own selfish dreams and the God-given dream planted in your life? How has God revealed and reinforced His dream in your life?

Selfish dreams… Not sure. Was teaching a selfish dream? I wasn’t gifted with it to start with. I had to really work at it.

How has God revealed and reinforced His dream in your life? hmm. By having the job at 4YS available, even if I don’t get it, just so I could imagine a job I would be dancing around to get.

Pull out your “dream box”. What’s in there? Write out a description of one dream you have that you believe is from God. How has it “floated to the top” in your life?

Working full-time at a four year school. Teaching both literature and composition. Writing papers and doing presentations.

By having it show up. Same answer as above.