Letter to God, written this weekend

Holy God, we have tried so often and so unsuccessfully to follow your call into ministry and leadership. I know part of that (the problem) is probably our pride in our intelligence, education, and experience and the resultant puffed upness. But couldn’t you use us, Lord? Is there some way you could use us? Can you show us how we can be used by you for your glory? Please, Lord, lead us to where you want us to be serving. Give us your vision for our lives.

God, have I asked that before?

What is your vision for my life?

Please help me to let go of the $ and trying to control R.
Please help me listen to what you are trying to say to me and where you want me to go.

God, please, whatever is best, whatever is for your glory, do that in our lives.
Help me to let go of the worry about jobs and know that you are in charge. God, help me to do and be the best I can be.

Why did you wither a fig tree because it didn’t have fruit when it was out of season?
Why was it okay for Moses to grant a certificate of divorce, but not now?
Why did Judas tell them to “lead him (Jesus) away safely” when he was betraying him?

Sometimes, Lord, the more I listen to your Bible, the more confused I am.