One Month to Live: Day 27

How important is comfort to you at this stage of your life? What convenience would be hardest for you to give up?

I have to admit I was pre-prepared for this by a story. But my answer to what convenience would be hardest for me to give up would be… indoor flush toilets.

Story: A woman is asked what modern convenience in the kitchen she would most miss. She says her microwave. She thinks it is interesting and asks her mother. Her mother says her refrigerator. They go together and ask grandmother. She says running water.

Also, one of my friends’ has a house that burnt down. But her toilet didn’t burn down because it is an outhouse and not connected to her home. (She is a missionary.)

I would miss flush toilets the most.

How often do you let opportunities pass you by because your contribution feels too small? How do you respond? Why?

I generally respond more like the boy. I can always write a letter or two. I can always add a few more cans of food. I can always give a dollar or two more.

For the next month, choose one item of comfort, luxury, or convenience that you’ll do without. Use the time or money that generally goes to this item for a larger purpose–praying, contributing to world philanthropy or missions, or offering services to someone in need.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this.

I have given up romance novels for Lent. I guess I could just give the money to someone who needs it. Like my missionary friend whose house burnt down.

What cause, situation, or people group have you always been moved by? This week spend some time praying for these people and researching ways you can serve them–using your time, talents, and treasure. Commit to a specific goal that will meet some of the needs of the people.

This is an interesting question and one I am not sure I want to answer online because of the potential of hate mail.

A cause that I have always been moved by that shouldn’t get me hate mail is missionaries. The work they do, the sacrifices they make, the spiritual footprints they leave, that is amazing.

I like to think that my little pittance that I sent to help my friends will help them in their work translating the Bible for a new people group.

This week initiate a local service project in your area. Commit to a specific goal. Set a date and determine the role each person in the group will play in meeting the need and getting the job done.

I’m actually initiating a seed campaign for my friends who are translating the Bible into Sankaran. I’m hoping the homeschool group can do that. Also I’m going to see if anyone has old Sonlight material they can donate. All my friends’ homeschooling stuff is gone.