Lion Chasing, take two of notes

“Worship is forgetting what’s wrong with you and remembering what’s right with God” (67). Instead of complaining, worship.

“I’m convinced that the people God uses the most are often the people who have experienced the most adversity. This isn’t necessarily what I want to write, and it isn’t necessarily what you want to read, but it’s true. Adversity can produce an increased capacity to serve God” (73).

Dr. Martin Seligman said: “Explanatory style is the manner in which you habitually explain to yourself why events happen” (qtd in Batterson, 92).

“There are lots of different explanations for every experience. And while you can’t control your experiences, you can control your explanations. And the truth is your explanations are more important than your experiences” (93).

“The more you’re willing to risk, the more God can use you” (102).

“Small changes and small choices become magnified over time and have major consequences” (103).

“Success is doing the best you can with what you have where you are” (131).

“One of our greatest spiritual shortcomings is low expectations. We don’t expect much from God because we aren’t asking for much” (133).

“More often than not the only thing between you and your dream is a rational excuse” (140).

“A willingness to fail is a prerequisite to success” (145).