20 years ago

I was in Thailand on “spring break.” Actually, I was in Thailand on spring break. I was also in Thailand for 4C’s, a very important rhetoric convention that was not, in fact, anywhere near Thailand. But all the English classes were cancelled for an extra week so TAs could go to 4C’s. I was far more interested in going to Thailand.

How did I get there? My dad knew I was wanting a new stereo for Christmas, asked me what kind I wanted, and gave the money to buy it. When I saw that much money, I thought, “How much is a ticket to Thailand?” (Friends of mine were living and working in Thailand as missionaries.)

Turns out tickets were on sale because smart Americans, not me in other words, were not buying tickets to Asia because the Red Japanese blew up a plane and there was concern that they would do it again. (I do not know if they did it again. I do know they didn’t blow up my plane.)

The plane trip over had some problems. The scummy molester sitting next to me on the flight, for example. But I was okay.

My dad came over, too, on a different flight from a different part of the country and we met in Thailand at a missionary conference. We attended that and saw gorgeous blue butterflies and orchids growing in trees naturally. We also did some sight seeing.

Then my dad left and I stayed on and had a good time visiting. I don’t understand the Thai and I’m fairly certain that my favorite meal there was barbecue dog, but I had a good time. Thanks to my friends who helped to host me.

Twenty years ago. Where were you?