Men’s jewelry says a necklace- either plain beaded or medium weight metal- is good. A strong bracelet is good. A ring, they recommend silver or silver with a stone, is good. Earrings, they say no.

Subtlety is key with men’s jewelry. Your watch is a fashion statement. You don’t need it to tell time.

“…[L]eather ties – sometimes with a bead – around men’s wrists as well as the classic rope bracelet. Both looks, though, are young and casual…” Maybe too young and casual for an older man.

“The jewelry he wears should match the style of his clothes.”

Jewelry Online starts with the cavemen. The most useful statement:

Most women still find it attractive when a guy wears an earring. A tasteful stud earring or small mens earring hoop in one ear will do the trick nicely. Why the attraction? Maybe it’s that a man’s earring displays a guy’s rebellious side.

Stylezilla is good on all men’s fashions. But the recommendations are a bit pricey. However, if you want to know what style looks like these days (mostly wearable style) go and browse. Here’s the men’s jewelry discussion.