Weight tracking

Ouch. I gained over four pounds this week, after losing four pounds two weeks ago (down to 169) and then going back up.

March 17- Happy St. Patrick’s day to ya’, darlin’.
176.8 43.9% fat (78 lbs)
I need to go get my measurements.
43-34-43 My waist is bigger than my ribs.
th 23.5 calf 15 upper arm 13.5 wrist 6.75 neck 14

March 25
170.8 44.9%
th 23 calf 15 upper arm 13.5 meck 13.75

April 11
th 23 calf 14.75 upper arm 13.25 neck 13.5 wrist 6.5

April 15
th 23 calf 14.75 upper arm 13
43% (71 lbs) and 38.5% (64)= average of 68 for a 10 pound fat loss this last 30 days.
This is the date I said I would start mixing the two fat percents. Yesterday I weighed two pounds more and had less percent fat. But…

10 pounds of fat in 30 days. Even if I DID gain four pounds the week before I started this. That’s still good. It’s a 7 pound loss from where I was before that… So I’ve gotten at least a strong 7 pound loss out of it. And really, since unfortunately that IS what I weighed, I actually lost 11 pounds.

I’ve lost 11 pounds in a month.

For reference, on Quick Weight Loss, I lost 30 pounds in 100 days. In 31 days I had lost 14 pounds on QWLC. So what I am losing now is not as good as then, except that this diet is a lot easier than that one. AND, also for reference, when I started QWLC I was 10 pounds heavier than when I started this.

I went back and read the QWLC entries and I really hated the food the first week or so. I was hungry all the time and not getting enough to eat.

My lowest weight in the last 12 years was in September of 04 when I weighed 154.8 after 100 days on QWLC and a week on BFL… Maybe to get the best weight loss, I need to cycle through the diets.

I know that on -whatever this diet is called- I have NOT been careful of my calories and I have still lost weight. That is GREAT. It hasn’t been hard except for a few days. In fact, I am kind of amazed that it has been 30 days today.

I have also been riding my bike at least 3x a week for the last seven weeks. So I have been getting more aerobically in shape. I was really hoping to do 5x a week and for a while (two or three weeks) I did. But I have done a minimum of 3x a week for seven weeks. Yeah for me!

On BFL I lost 45 pounds of fat in 42 weeks or 40 pounds in 48 weeks. (It depends on whether you look at the end or where I lost the most.)

I’m not sure I really want to post this now; I’ve been just saving it, but I would like to have it.