Review: Magic Lost, Trouble Found

This book was recommended to me by my brother. He said it is a light read, fun, and she has a bunch of books in the series if you like it.

The POV is first person. The main character is a semi-legal elf who does seeking/finding. Sometimes she finds things that were stolen. Sometimes she finds people. She works with a thief she’s trying to reform.

The book starts with her standing in a smelly alley watching her “reformed” thief break into a necromancer’s very warded home. Her cousin shows up to keep her company and then… Things get wild. Of course. It wouldn’t be a book without that.

I like the characters. They are very clearly differentiated. She does use too many similar names. And she introduces too many characters too often. It took me a while to remember that Piaras was her adopted brother, not the spellsinger at Tam’s. So in that particular scene a lot of the dramatic tension was missing that should have been there, would have been there, if I’d just known who the heck he was.

I liked it. My brother was right; it is a light read. Definitely swords and sworcerers and not high fantasy. But it’s a good read.

Another book down/done.

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