Being for something is more important than doing anything about it.

I was listening, for just a little bit, to a radio program. It wasn’t NPR, so it was right-leaning. But the host had a guest on who claimed that Republicans care less about the poor because they give more to charity. The fact that Republicans, who are less well-off financially on average than Democrats, he said, give a lot of money to charity proves that Republicans don’t care about the charities. Because giving money to charity is done for selfish reasons, to make the giver feel better. He said that is why Democrats don’t give much to charity, because they actually care about the people and don’t want to be selfish givers.

If I were hungry, I would want food. If you felt good about giving me food, I’d be okay with that.

But if I were hungry and you said, “Oh, that’s terrible. I feel so awful. You need food! Someone has fallen down on their responsibilities, because you have no food. I care. I care.” I would be annoyed. If you cared, you would do something about it.

And for the people out there who think that using the government (meaning money the government got from me and other taxpayers) money is the only right way to help someone, I would say that such a sentiment proves you don’t care. Because if YOU cared, YOU would do something about it, not just dither that something ought to be done and take someone else’s money to do it.