Car shopping

I found out that I have a problem with buying a car. The sellers want you to buy now, today. I don’t want to buy now/today. I’ve done that and I didn’t like it.

So, what else did I learn from car shopping, both IRL and on the internet?

Carmax charges about $2000 over true market value, even taking into account that they are certified vehicles.

The Mazda dealer we went to gave us a discount “off MSRP” but not really the actual cost of the car, which is what he said he was doing. He was about $600 off True Mkt Value from a dealer.

The Dodge Dealer gave me a quote that was $2300 off the sticker price, which is below the True Mkt Value. However, I had already told them I wasn’t going to buy that day, so maybe they were giving me a low ball figure that they had no intention of keeping.

I looked at Costco for car deals and it is hard to see what they would charge you. It’s based off invoice, not off MSRP, which is good, but still.