Having fun

I have had a good time in North Carolina. I got to spend time with Bev. That was wonderful. I got to see her kiddos again and see how they had grown and changed. Mei has grown up so much, but she is still like she was at her 3rd birthday– sweet and open to others. I didn’t spend as much time with the boys, but it was good to see them.

We tried to go to Grannie’s Panties, an antique shop, but it was closed. We did go to two across the street from there though. I got an egg plate, very unusual and American Press Cut. It had the egg part in the center and then the edges were four rectangular relish trays. So it was in the shape of an unfolded box…. (I saw a blue carnival glass one yesterday, but I wasn’t sure if she already had a blue one. I know she has carnival glass. Have to ask about that.)

I was a little depressed when I was at Bev’s, so she got to see all the negative thoughts I can have. (Sorry, sweetie.) But it was great to visit with her.

The drive to Charlotte was short. I always think of it as three hours from Durham, but it was two hours and fifteen minutes. Not long at all.

It’s been good to visit with Paula and her family. Paula, Nikki, and I went to a tourist area and went to an antique mall and a furniture store.

Paula is going to Texas this week; she has a plane ticket for Thursday. We were thinking about driving in together, but she has to work all day Wednesday. Earlier she had thought she could leave by noon.

So… I could wait till Thursday to leave. We could get up early and drive a long way, maybe fourteen hours with stops for food. Then we could get in to Dallas in the early afternoon. But I wouldn’t get home till Friday late or even Saturday. R said that I could do that.

Not driving by myself. Get two days to chat with Paula. Get to see Jess and the baby.

Longer drive. Don’t get home for more days. Have to figure out how to secure the bags in the bed of the truck and cover them in case of rain.

So really the biggest deals are I can drive by myself and get home quicker or I can drive with someone else and take longer.