Olive oil with herbs, 2600 years old?

Discovery.com tells of find:

Olive oil infused with fragrant herbs has been identified in an ancient Greek ceramic transport jar known as an amphora, along with another container of what could be the world’s oldest retsina-type wine, according to a recent Journal of Archaeological Science paper.

It is the first time DNA has been extracted from shipwrecked artifacts — the two large jars were recovered from a 2,400-year-old wrecked vessel off the Greek island of Chios. If the second jar indeed contained a retsina-like wine, which is preserved and flavored with a tree resin known as mastic, then the find would push back the known origins of mastic cultivation by 200 years.

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  1. It is amazing that olive oil from so long ago was just discovered. Especially how it is still intact There actually is a company I know of which produces their olive oil using cold presses, just like those from ancient times.
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