Things I learned from my friend’s treasure trove of magazines

“Stripping London’s busy High Street Kensington shopping area of some of its signage, lights, and pedestrian barriers reduced traffic-related casualties by 43 percent” (“Urban Unplanning” Discover 14). I don’t know what year. Apparently people get complacent when they feel that they are following the speed limit, helmet laws, etc and are not as careful.

Same issue. Eyes may be the window to the soul. The low frequency of squiggly lines radiating out from the pupil means that they are tender-minded and warm. More means they are impulsive. (17)

Lavender causes hormone havoc. Boys who used lavender scented body products began developing breasts as young boys (prepubescent). Stopping made it go away after a few months. (“Lavender’s Hormone Havoc” Scientific American April 2007 page 30) I could use this for Dielli. She could know how to stop that, fix it. That would be good.

Happiness is 10% circumstances, 50% genetics, and 40% intentional activity. Being kind (in different ways), being grateful (once a week not once a day), and optimism are seen as part of the 40%. (Scientific American April 2007 page 38)… So I should write a gratitude post on Mondays. And I should be kind. That may be more difficult.